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What’s Included?

  • Exercises To Target Cellulite

  • Exercises To Lift Your Booty

  • Nutrition Plan & Recipes

  • Training Plan

  • Exercise Library – For Home & Gym

  • Weight Chart

  • Members Only Forum & 24/7 Online Support

  • Motivational Tips

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You’ve accepted the 28-day challenge and joined the 1000’s of others who are committed to Project Booty – let’s do this!

You will have instant access to all the material that has been professionally put together to help you succeed – exercise plan including how-to videos, nutrition information and plans, tasty recipes, access to the members only forum and so much more!

You will have all the tools and support to transform your body for good.

Project Booty has been developed to educate you on staying active and eating clean – once the 28 day challenge is complete, you get to reap the benefits!

Why This Works

This challenge is so simple to follow – we get straight to the point without confusing you.

Just follow along 100% and you’ll automatically see the changes – you will LOOK and FEEL better!

All of the essential exercises can be performed at home, so you don’t even need to join the gym to achieve fabulous results. Getting the perfect body you’ve always wanted has never been easier – we guarantee it!

Everything You Need To Transform Your Body For Just £49

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Meet Cara

Hi! I’m Cara and I have created this Project Booty with all the knowledge that I have gained over the past 26 years. My background originally comes from athletics where I was a 400m hurdler and a Triple Jumper.

In my 20’s I decided I wanted to change peoples prospectives on food and exercise, so I became a fitness instructor. Having worked in some of the top health clubs in the country, I soon became a Personal Trainer.

I moved more into group fitness where I would be teaching from 20-90 people per class. Ranging from Zumba to Body Combat to Pilates.
While working at one of the top health clubs, I moved into studio management, and had a team of 40 instructors. Such an amazing job but after 10 years I decided to go at it alone.

I opened up my own private classes in the local community which I am currently still teaching. I was then introduced to body building and decided to compete in the Bikini category – PREPPING MYSELF may I add. Having won the competition, I decided to carry on with my new sport for a couple of years, but this on top of teaching 18 classes a week, I burned myself out and I diagnosed myself with having Adrenal Fatigue. I took it upon myself to heal and make myself better without the use of prescriptive drugs. 6 Months later and I am like a new person.

Instead of competing with the body building federation, I am now prepping, coaching and managing Bikini competitors. I still get the buzz and I don’t have to give up work for it. Alongside this, I spent a year devising this online program for people that do not have a clue on nutrition and exercise programs, where most of my time is spent pushing this forward.

2017 will be the start of my university course in Naturopath, I am very interested in natural healing and crave to learn more about the body and what proper nutrition can do for you.

Also starting this year, I gained a place on Natwest Entrepreneurial course, helping my program to excel in this industry and be at the top where it belongs.

My life ambition is to wear a British vest in the masters world championships in Athletics, so watch this space!


    • OCR Fitness Instructor
    • OCR Circuit Training Instructor
    • NASM Personal Trainer
    • OCR Nutrition
    • OCR Exercise to Music
    • Body Pump Instructor
    • Body Combat Instructor
    • Body Balance Instructor
    • Body Jam Instructor
    • Keiser Instructor
    • Vibe Cycle Instructor
    • Power hoop Instructor
    • Fitness Pilates Instructor
    • Aqua Instructor
    • Zumba B1 & B2 Instructor
    • Bocwa Instructor
    • Jukari Fit 2 Flex Instructor
    • Pole dancing Instructor
    • Insanity Instructor
    • Supple Strength Instructor
    • Athletics Coach
    • Groove Fx Instructor
    • Prepping & mentoring Bikini Coach

Before & After #1

Ruth Robertson


I yoyo with my weight and always have done, so when I saw the Project Booty plan I thought “why not give it a go?”.

Little did I know this plan was going to change my whole outlook on food and exercise like no other diet has before. The plan is so simple to follow, the best part is the exercises can be done at home (I’m not a gym lover). The Facebook group keeps me on track, it’s a great way to keep you motivated with sharing recipes and ideas, and that you are not alone.

I have spent hundreds of pounds over the last few years with diets, shakes and slimming clubs but this is really the best £50 I’ve ever spent. The support Cara gives is unreal. 7 weeks in and I’ve lost 16lbs and inches all over!

Before & After #2

Katy B

The before picture was me when I first started participating in Zumba a year later, I lost quite a bit of fat.

I decided to sign up to Project Booty and I am definitely on my way to where I want to be. It’s only been 2 weeks but I already feel fitter, healthy and happier about myself.

Real Feedback From Real Members

After working out in the gym for a year, I wasn’t happy with my results and with the summer fast approaching I needed help.

I heard that Cara was launching her Booty fitness and she guaranteed me that If I stuck to her booty plan then I would most definitely get the results I wanted. From beginning to end, the step-by-step guide was easy to follow, I thought the forum was great for daily support, sharing recipes and any questions were answered immediately.

The training schedule was tough at first, but in the second week there was no stopping me. On my booty month I lost inches, weight and my body is looking more toned. I look great. I have gained confidence and like all the compliments that are being made but it doesn’t stop there.

There Is ongoing support after the month finishes and the new training regimes keep you wanting more. I am very happy that I took the plunge and it is the best £50 I ever spent on myself. I can’t thank Cara enough for changing the way I live my life.

Melly Rice
I have known Cara for the last 3 years since attending her various exercise class. Cara has always made these classes fun and energetic leaving you wanting more. She is an excellent motivator and with her knowledge of the fitness industry and healthy living combined, is always happy to help diet and exercise.
With her help and a previous booty camp I managed to lose over a stone.

Now Cara has released “Project Booty” it’s the best money I have ever spent . The plan is amazing helping with day-to-day exercising and eating plan, there is plenty of variety and it’s totally clean eating, tasty and plenty of variety.

Cara is always on hand with any help you may need at any time, she has recently released a tasty recipe book to members.

So give Cara and “Project Booty” a try – you will not be disappointed!

Cathy Wingett
Why did I join Project Booty? Because I knew I would get results with Cara.

I had previously lost a stone on Weight Watchers, so this seemed like the obvious choice. I was prepared to play the long game. So I tried it again. Only this time I didn’t lose anything. My goal is to be slimmer for my graduation in July. A combination of job & a love of sweet and naughty foods has meant that I have put that weight back on.

Project Booty is simple, easy to get your head around & effective. Today is the end of my day 18 & I am 4lbs down. I am very much enjoying the different foods, experimenting with & trying different dishes. I live the forum, there are so many tips & recipes & it really helps sharing on the journey.

Cara has been amazing – she is firm, determined & supportive. She makes the experience hassle-free & enjoyable. Well worth the money! Thank you Cara.


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